Andrey Sinitsyn

Software Engineer

My current location: 🇷🇺 (Russian Federation)

Telegram: @boombick

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Professional goals

Constantly aspiring to acquire new knowledge in various domains to improve me personally and professionally.
Design, analysis, and implementation of complex high scalability/availability systems.
Managing the technical side of large web-projects. DevOps.
Understanding, learning, and applying the process of transforming raw data into structured information.



Developing web HA systems with modern technologies and programming languages


Building infrastructure architecture solutions for HA systems


Managing and automate server-side code deployment and monitoring processes

Soft skills

Teamwork skills, able to synchronize my own activity with other team members.
Management of developers team: forming and developing (based on personal experience and industry best practices), task setting and tracking
Technical documentation writing skills (not end-user docs)
The active member of professional communities and conference speaker at major technical conferences in Russia and Belarus


  • Programming

  • GoLang | PHP | Python | *sh/sed/awk
  • Databases

  • MySQL (and similar: Percona, MariaDB) | NoSQL Solutions | Graph Databases
  • Operating Systems

  • Linux deb-based | Linux rpm-based | FreeBSD
  • DevOps

  • Docker stack | CI Tools (Jenkins/Teamcity) | Ansible | Kubernetes (OpenShift as well) | Prometheus


"The Big Social Bang Theory: social networking for any kind of web-projects" DevConf '2014

"Using Graph databases for the development of social networks" RITConf '2013

"Architecture of HA projects" RIF-VRN '2013

"PHP Microframeworks" RITConf '2012

"Using PHP for daemons and CLI tools" LVEE '2012


"Docker: Test environment"
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"Consul Service Discovery"
Read Part I on | Read Part II on


Head of DevOps team

Master Delivery (

April 2021 — current time

  • Build strong team of DevOps Engineers from scratch
  • Work with kubernetes-based infrastructure, deployed across several DataCenters (Yandex.Cloud, MCS, AWS)
  • Prepare and inplement continious processes: CI/CD (GitLab based), IaC (ansible, terraform)
  • Work with outsorce team

Head of IT Optimisation team

ECommPay (

July 2020 — March 2021

  • Turning monolith application into a microservices architecture on infrastructure side
  • Building new PaaS-like platform based on Podman and OpenShift which working under high traffic
  • Implementing CI/CD-processes for a new app platform

Freelance consultant

January 2020 — June 2020

  • As a third-party manager, I helped companies to build the right processes and hire the team.
  • Clinic network "Family doctor". The company has infrastructure based on bare-metal machines and distributed throughout the city. I've prepared and built correct release processes based on ansible and GitLab CI. The whole infrastructure has been described and stored in git in a declarative view. I've implemented a prometheus-based monitoring system as well.
  • "Data processing and automation center" LLC. The company works on a traffic-control system for internet providers. The system is divided into two parts: equipment on the provider's side and control plane center. I worked on the second one. It is a Kubernetes-based fault tolerance system that allows to manage transit traffic. I acted as a person who was in charge of building correct deployment and rollback processes. I hired the team for the project, documented all processes, and prepared the system for growing and scaling

Head of Infrastructure

AirPush (

March 2018 — November 2019

  • Build the transparent process of task control
  • Build, manage, and control of release processes
  • Move simple docker-based solutions into the Kubernetes environment
  • Control for Infrastructure costs and optimize it
  • Implement Continuous Integration/Continuos delivery processes inside wide environments stack: BareMetal/AWS/GCP
  • Create the Team of devops engineers
  • Work close with Business Teams and adapt workflow according to business values
  • Prepare Infrastructure documentation for external audit in terms of IPO preparation

Senior DevOps Engineer

Lazada TechHub (

February 2015 — December 2017

  • Building automation systems for the release process
  • Automatization for full release stack: from developer's sandbox to a production environment
  • Building isolated environments (docker-based solutions) for each step in the release cycle: dev sandbox, QA showrooms, staging, and live environments
  • Implement Continuous Integration/Continuous delivery processes
  • Implement integration between Lazada and AliBaba systems
  • Building a kubernetes-based environment for full release workflow (100+ servers at three different locations)
  • Writing tools for devops purposes in PHP/Go/Bash

Software Architect

RateNGoods LLC (

July 2012 — February 2015

  • Design of solution architecture for HA project
  • Implementation of a stable interaction between program components inside the wide stack of technologies
  • Prototyping and testing software components
  • Writing project internal documentation
  • Writing specifications for project managers and customers


  • DevOps: Design, analysis, and implementation of the system for automatic testing and deploying
  • DevOps: Design, analysis, and implementation of the system for monitoring development and production environments
  • Design, analysis, and implementation of complex architectural solution andprototype for the unique analytics system of user's activity

Senior Web Developer

Lovetime.Com (

July 2013 — October 2013

  • Researched and developed a Business Intelligence system in the Dating domain


  • Built system for analytics and business intelligence purposes from scratch.
  • Built system for collecting, normalizing, storing, and processing metrics from a live project without affecting to performance of the project.
  • WebGUI for visualization metrics in the different graphs

Web Developer

Ontico LLC (

March 2011 — May 2012

  • Main responsibility: implementation program modules for HA web projects
  • Development of a large dating service ( It has been rebranded later as Integration web-service with outside components, such as Skype, ICQ, and similar. Development of system part for send and proceed invites
  • Development a Russian analog of SlideShare, but with educational purposes. The implementation part of the system, which proceeds and shows any documents formats in a browser in the form of slides
  • Participation in the organization of major technical conferences in Russia (RIT++, Highload++, Whale Rider)

Lead Web Developer

New Century Project

Dec 2009 — Dec 2010

  • The main product is a big distributed service for building simple websites. The target auditory is a people, who haven't special skills for creating even simple sites. Full automatization for the whole process of website creation. The system has the ability for horizontal scaling to unlimited instances
  • Development the functional program modules
  • Implementation of architectural software solutions
  • Task management. Issues definition and create tasks for local and remote employees according to their skills

Web Developer

Dalee Internet Agency (

July 2008 — Nov 2009

  • Support for existing projects
  • Development the functional program modules
  • Participated as a developer in the creation of the TV-portal for Akado.TV. The Portal has a comfortable grid with a TV schedule, encyclopedia, recommendation system, and social network for Akado users
  • Legacy projects support

System Administrator

GDT SOftware Group (

October 2007 — April 2008

  • Maintenance of local network
  • Initial setup and support for local and remote HPC clusters
  • Support for internal company services


  • Assembling and initial setup the HPC cluster, based on hardware platform from Sun Corp (Spark CPU) and works under Sun Solaris OS
  • Setting up the heterogeneous HPC cluster, comprising nodes with four different platforms: MacOS on PowerPC, Windows on x86_64, Linux on x86_64, and Linux on ia32

Software engineer

Smartech LLC (

April 2007 — August 2007

  • Development the library for automatic testing for high speed managed switches, produced by Brocade (
    The library was written on TCL language and executed at Sun Solaris environment

Web Developer

Shogo Digital Agency (

August 2005 — April 2007

  • Web-projects development (mostly written in PHP)
  • Development of an internal system for teamwork control and issues tracking (something like small CRM)
  • SEO toolkit development
  • Legacy projects support


Tula State University - Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (2000 - 2005)

Bachelor's degree

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